Sleeping Bags and How They Can Make or Break Your Camping Trip

You might not give much thought to your sleeping bag, but it will matter more than you think it will. This is especially true if you’re new to camping and don’t realize their importance. Be careful about which sleeping bag you end up buying because there’s considerable differences between each one.


 The size of a  sleeping bag isn’t something you think much about, but it matters when trying to get to sleep. Some people toss and turn through the night and there’s not much they can do about this habit.

 When they’re using a sleeping bag, it means they have very little room for random arms and the body often cannot roll or flip over either because of its confined size. As a result, people who toss and turn will feel restricted, unable to move and will either keep waking up or not feel rested in the morning.

Buying a sleeping bag that is larger and wider than you think you’ll need gives you extra space to more around inside. This prevents these kinds of issues.

 Suitability for Weather

 You can buy the lightest sleeping bag which has thin insulation which will probably be fine in the hot summer months where it’s still comfortable in the late evening. However, if you camp in the early spring, late summer into the fall or early winter, these types of sleeping bags won’t be survivable.

 For non-summer months or places where the summer is relatively mild, you’ll want a better insulated sleeping bag designed to keep you warm when the temperatures fall sharply in the evening. They retain body warmth that your body is emitting to keep you feeling toasty all night.

sleeping bag

 Down vs Synthetic Filling

The down fill which is feathers can cause allergic reactions to some people even though it’s fully sealed inside the sleeping bag. For this reason, there’s the option of a having a sleeping bag with a synthetic filling.

 If you’re not sure if you’ll be allergic or not, it’s best to buy a synthetic bag. If you have already bought a down one and haven’t gone camping yet, sleep one night in it to see how your body reacts and if it’s a problem for you. The last thing you need is to go camping and having a reaction every night because of your sleeping bag!


 There are traditional rectangular sleeping bags for individuals, but there’s also now couples’ sleeping bags which are essential double wide ones to accommodate two people in the same space. Make sure if you’re getting a double one that it’s large enough for you both, especially if you sleep together but on either side of the bed normally.

 Another option for one person is the mummy bag. It is called that because it’s shaped like an Egyptian Mummy with an enlarged head tapering down to a slim width at the feet level. There’re also semi-rectangular and other odd shaped sleeping bags for people who want something a little bit different. Take your pick!



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